Friday, October 12, 2007

What An Amtrak Fare Buys On The Auto Train

If you've ever thought about moving from the northeast to Florida or vice versa, Amtrak fare on the Auto Train can make the trip a great deal easier. While many people understand this is a great way to get a family and its vehicles to their destination without all the wear, tear and drawn out driving time, they might not know what Amtrak fare on this train really includes.

According to an article on, the Auto Train's fare comes with quite a few perks. The article about Amtrak fare on the Auto Train points out a number of inclusions with the tickets that might seem like they'd cost extra. Some of the bonuses on this ride between Sandford, Florida, and the Washington, D.C., area include:

Lodging. Amtrak fare includes several different type of lodging choices. While a room with a private bath will cost passengers more than shared restroom facilities, basic sleeping quarters are provided for the 17-hour trip.

Meals. All meals onboard the Auto Train area included in basic Amtrak fare rates. This means passengers can enjoy a prepared dinner with plenty of choices and a continental breakfast without worry of needing extra cash. Amtrak's chefs even put together special meals for younger passengers.

Onboard entertainment. Access to the Lounge Car is, of course, included. Here passengers will find such things as movies, and the company of other passengers to help them pass the time.

The trip is reported to include some rather incredible sights between the north and the south. The train even passes through quite a few historic areas.

Amtrak fare for the auto train will get passengers a whole lot more than many bargain for. With food, fun and scenery included along the way, the only question is how many passengers actually take advantage of their roomettes?

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Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Amtrak California Makes Moving An Adventure

Amtrak California service doesn't take as many of the hassles out of moving to or within this state as the East Coast's Amtrak Auto Train does. Still, just because a car won't be in tow on the train doesn't mean this mode of transportation can't come in handy for a big relocation.

Rather than use Amtrak California service to haul belongings and vehicles, passengers find this is simply a great way to make moving an adventure. has an article that points out the ways to make Amtrak California service work in conjunction with a professional move.

The article on Amtrak California service offers these suggestions:

Hire a professional mover and vehicle transporter to do the work for you. even has a free quote tool that can make the process to find a pre-screened moving company a breeze. If vehicles need to be moved, too, consider a pro to handle this.

Scheduling. Depending on the distance of the move, an Amtrak California train trek will require some careful scheduling with the movers. Take the time to plan this out carefully to work in a min-vacation in between houses.

Packing. Unless an extra fee to a moving company is paid, this will still fall on your shoulders. Go Movers has a great moving guide that can help with tricks, tips and shortcuts for making this process almost pain free.

Relax. Once the movers leave, all you need to do is get on the Amtrak California train, kick back, relax and take in the sights until you arrive at your destination.

Amtrak California doesn't take as much of the work involved in moving off your shoulders, but it can make the getting there a whole lot more fun.

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Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Finding A Cheap Moving Company In Atlanta

Hiring professional movers is almost never a "cheap" proposition. When the right tools and tricks are used, however, it is possible to cut corners with the expenses. offers up some great ideas on how to save money when selecting a moving company in Atlanta.

Go Mover's article on finding a cheap moving company in Atlanta suggests that if you're getting ready to relocate there are quite a few fantastic ways to save money and still obtain quality professional moving help. The tips offered include:

Reviewing prices closely. has a free quotation tool that makes it very easy for anyone to get moving quotes all over the country. The tool includes only prescreened moving companies in Atlanta and elsewhere. This means the guesswork involved in finding a quality mover is taken care of in advance. This option, of course, still leaves extra background checking open if there are concerns.

Self-packing. This is a great way to shave a few dollars off the final tab. It will take some more time, but many moving companies in Atlanta are willing to cut down the bill based on the amount of work they actually have to do.

Partial move. It is possible to break up a move so many of the items involved do not go with the professional movers. Save smaller furniture items and boxes for a self-haul truck to shave a fair amount off the bottom line. Leave the heavy stuff for the movers. Make sure to get companies to quote only what they have to move, rather than the number of rooms.

Self-loading. Taking the self-packing option one step further, it is sometimes possible to really cut moving costs by finding a company that will handle the driving only. This does put a lot of responsibility on the person moving, but it can greatly impact the bottom line favorably.

When it comes to moving, there is generally nothing "cheap" about it. It is possible, however, to really bring down the price of a moving company in Atlanta by exploring the options more closely.

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